Row, Row, Row Your Boat…

Dr Mia Antonopoulos

If you’ve spent any time near the Yarra River lately, you might’ve noticed an increase in the number of rowing boats and people on bikes yelling through megaphones. This increase in traffic is pretty common at this time of the year, we’re fast approaching the peak of the competitive season for school-aged rowers, and as the weather has been heating up, so has the training.

With the spike in training load comes a spike in injuries. So what are some of the most common rowing injuries, and what can we do to help prevent them?

Some common injury sites:Rowing blog pic Mia Anton

  • Back – particularly low back
  • Wrist and forearm
  • Shoulder
  • Ribs
  • Hip/upper anterior thigh
  • Knee

What can you do to help reduce your chances of getting an injury:

  • Warm up – complete a thorough dynamic warm up before getting on the water, followed by a rowing warm up once in the boat.
  • Cool down – complete a cool down after getting off the water; static stretching, foam rolling, massage ball release work.
  • Recovery – make sure you’re getting enough sleep at nighttime, your body recovers most whilst you’re sleeping. Eat enough food and make sure you’re having a healthy, balanced diet. Drink water before, during and after every session.
  • Communication – communication is key in every aspect of life, yet it is often forgotten about when it comes to athletes in competitive sports. If you’re feeling sore, fatigued, tired, or not quite right, let your coaches know so that they can tailor your workload.
  • Listen to your body – you know your body and you know it’s limitations. If something doesn’t feel right or you’re in pain, listen to the warning signs. Don’t push yourself past your limits, and if you’re in doubt, call and check in with your osteo to see if they think you need a check up.
Posted on: March 4, 2019