5 Things You Don’t Know About Us…

This week is Osteopathy Awareness Week – hooray! But instead of answering all those common questions such as, “How do I even pronounce Osteopathy?” or “That’s just bones and stuff, yeah?” We thought we’d just get you more acquainted with us, Mike and Kylie

As per usual, Mike has just said the first thing that comes to his head, so his responses are pretty short. Kylie, however, much more considered and much funnier. So please enjoy reading about the 5 things you don’t know about both of us, or did you?


  1. Lived in Crete and now goes to Greek school. But she only knows the swear words!
  2. Her Mum was her teacher at school which she didn’t like, as evidenced by her running away all the time and The Principal always having to find her.
  3. Was a runner at school but tripped over a fence in front of the whole school with only 100 metres to go in the Cross Country one year.
  4. Fascinated with Nature: Convinced her sister to touch a bee once. Found out that said sister was allergic to bees
  5. Shot the winning goal in a basketball grand final…!! (Ok, I lied…I missed. Tripped on some magical water that suddenly appeared on the court at the very moment I was about to win the whole premiership!! I ended up face first on the boards. We lost…)


  1. Booted out of the voluntary choir in Year 12.
  2. Has a twin brother, Tim, who is a Primary School Teacher at St.Leonard in Brighton
  3. Never ridden a horse – too scared!
  4. Knows the first two lines of Bohemian Rhapsody…do you? Without googling it??
  5. Has 43 first cousins. Ask Mike to name them…IMG_3055[1]


Happy Osteopathy Awareness Week!!!

Posted on: April 16, 2018