5 natural remedies found in your home to help with the common cold

Dr Kylie Sergentanis

“I rarely get sick” is something I should never say…..

I recently woke with the familiar, but unwanted, feeling of an irritated, sore throat following the above statement only the day before. Over the course of the day further symptoms followed: sneezing, runny nose and congestion. As much as it is sometimes therapeutic to check out of life for a day for some Netflix, it is never fun to deal with the symptoms of a common cold that can include:

• A stuffy or runny nose
• Sneezing
• Sore throat
• Cough
• Headache
• Red eyes
• Swelling of lymph glands
• Loss of appetite


Any pharmacy or supermarket has a variety of products that are marketed to meet the ‘quick fix’ society we all live in. Sometimes, however, even the effort to go to the supermarket when you are feeling unwell seems like a task that is impossible.
So what natural remedies can we use from everyday items in our homes to help ease this discomfort?
Lemon, honey and ginger are my go-to ingredients for a super tea that provides immediate relief. Hot drinks have been shown to provide immediate and sustained reduction in symptoms of the common cold. So even just having hot water will provide some relief, but adding these everyday ingredients will have you feeling better in no time! Already had your fill of chicken soup? Why not add onion and garlic to your next meal. Not only will the dose of garlic keep vampires away, these 2 foods have a strong anti-bacterial effect as well which will help kill those bugs!

1) Lemon:  vitamin C – immune boosting
2) Honey: antioxidant – antimicrobial – decrease cough and throat irritants
3) Ginger: anti inflammatory – anti emetic
4) Garlic: antibacterial – anti thrombotic – antioxidant
5) Onion: antimicrobial – antioxidant – prebiotic activities


Wondering if you need a doctor, or would like further information:

Posted on: July 14, 2016