Biodynamics – Bio-what??

Dr Kylie Sergentanis

In 2016, I was fortunate to travel to Noosa twice to attend courses in the biodynamic view of Osteopathy, which was developed by Dr James S Jealous.    Taught in Australia by two extremely experienced women – Dr Robyn Seamer and Dr Manuela Da Rin, the 4-day courses provided a complete immersion into this field.

You are probably wondering what Biodynamics is?

In short – these courses allow expansion and exploration of our skills as Osteopaths and help us to understand how the body works as a whole, rather than just a part.  This means the ‘whole’ health of a person is taken into consideration with our treatment approach, rather than just the symptom or body part.

An example of this might be when a patient comes in and says, “I’ve just started having headaches in the past few months. I’ve checked it out with the GP and had scans and blood tests which are clear. I haven’t changed jobs or moved house, there’s been no change in routine that I can think of. I’ve had a few massages which hasn’t really helped, and now I’m noticing pain in my back when sitting. I’m waking up a lot more. I feel like I’m falling apart.”

This is a broad complaint but from this we try to understand all the systems in the body that might be under pressure, what lifestyle postures are doing some damage, what sleep patterns are in place here, what other stresses have crept up and how are all of these expressing themselves physically through the body. Eventually all stress and disease presents itself physically and these courses have taught me to better understand how the tissues and the various fluid movements through the body can be blocked and how we might be able to encourage the body’s normal dynamics to open up these channels and restore health.

Treatment with this technique is deeply relaxing and is suitable for everyone – particularly pregnant women or those experiencing stress or adrenal fatigue.

Posted on: February 8, 2017