5 Reasons to EAT CHOCOLATE!

Dr Kylie Sergentanis



Did you know that I studied Exercise Science at Deakin before completing my Osteopathy course?  During my time at Deakin, I took all my electives in nutrition due to my keen interest in this area– and as my knowledge has increased, my fascination with food and its incredible effects on our health has grown!

I have realized that a lot of my conversations when I’m treating revolve around food – what to eat, where to eat, new places to try, new foods to try cooking at home etc.    Also, I looked back over my instagram and realized that the majority of pictures involve food in some capacity.

So this Easter, I wanted to give everyone a foodie gift, as if you need any further incentive for indulging in chocolate this weekend, here are 5 quick health benefits of chocolate (with links to the study if you want to find out more):

  • Chocolate can have a protective effect on your brain – leading to lower cognitive decline Click here

And finally if you are pregnant:

  • Chocolate intake during pregnancy may benefit fetal growth and development Click here


Keep in mind, for the most health benefits (and to save your waist line) it is best to have dark chocolate, with minimal or no refined sugar.

So this Easter indulge in the best quality chocolate you can afford (hint hint to your significant other).  Your taste buds and body will thank you for it!  Enjoy the break (and the public holidays).

Posted on: April 12, 2017