10 Amazing Facts About Elsternwick

By Kylie Sergentanis

Happy 1st Birthday to me!

August marks one year since I have been fortunate enough to join Elsternwick Osteopathy AND began living Southside!  I feel so grateful to have been welcomed into the Elsternwick community and thank everyone for helping me feel at home!  To mark this momentous occasion, I thought I would share 10 facts that you may or may not know about Elsternwick…

10 Super Amazing Facts About Elsternwick:

  1. ‘Elsternwick’ what’s in a name? Elster – German for ‘magpie’ and wick – meaning ‘village’
  2. Population: 9774 (Wow! I grew up in a town of 2500)
  3. Median Age: 37 years old.
  4. Most common languages: Greek, Russian, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, French and Polish (explains all the delicious restaurants and cafes.)
  5. It is 9kms from the CBD – perfect cycling distance!
  6. The Post Office was opened in 1860.225
  7. Home of the best known brothel in Australia: The Daily Planet was the first brothel listed on the Stock Exchange.
  8. Elsternwick Park started life as mostly a swamp – it was bordered by Elster Creek, now known as Elwood Canal, and was used for horses and grazing.
  9. Bagels! Bagels! Bagels! – nothing more needs to be said.
  10. MOST importantly, Elsternwick is a wonderfully friendly and welcoming community – thanks for being apart of it.
Posted on: August 1, 2016